What Happens When I Join Your Advanced Readers Group (ARC)?

You get free, advanced copy ebooks (that often are not fully edited), *hopefully* in exchange for your honest review. If you join the group, I will always remind you of Amazon's rules, etc.  ARC groups are fun and low-key; I am being extra thorough for those of you who just need to know!
  • I cannot pay, force, or beg you to write a review.
  • Once the book is published, I will let you know, so that you may go to Amazon and post your review.
  • Amazon asks that you note you received an "Advanced Readers Copy" (P.S. This is where the ARC term comes from. ARG would imply scurvy, piratery, or both).
  • The review may be as detailed (or not) as you like.
  • While I cannot tell you what to post, I would ask that you consider a four- or five-star review be posted straight to Amazon.
    • If you feel a collection deserves a three-star or below, I kindly request you email your concerns to me first, so that I might make any corrections and learn from your input.  Once the review is on Amazon, it is there FOR-EV-ER, even if I edit or adapt the collection.
  • I will send you each ebook as I complete them, but you only read the ones you want. Simply don't download the ones you don't want, or circle back to them later! 
  • I will never hound you. 

What Happens If I Want to Donate a Personal Experience?

Here's the nitty-gritty:
  • The donated stories can be any length or genre (within a memoir-style). That means you could write about a time you overcame your biggest fear, or whatever you choose, as long as it is told from your point of view. (I, me, my)
  • I won't turn your story into something it is not, but we might flesh it out a bit, if necessary. 
  • I will change names and locations.
  •  Since the stories are donations, once you fill out the Google Form, you are signing all rights and permissions over to Anthro Publishing.  They are truly donated stories with no payment or compensation. If that's not for you, that's okay! There are many other publishers who accept submissions for those who want to become published writers.
  • Our mission is to give people a platform to share the events that make them who they are, in a way that keeps them anonymous (so they can share fully), and that touches those who read them.
  • On the submission form, there is a choice to submit a written story OR to scroll down and use a step-by-step guide (this creates an outline when it is received on my end).
  • Check out the submission form here.  You can read it without having to submit anything. See what you think.

How do I get all of Rachel's updates?

Can we please keep you in the loop of our latest news and upcoming publications?  We promise NEVER to flood your email.

Yes, take me to your subscription page!

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