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“I have lost my home, my relatives, Ahmet, my son's toes, my few belongings. . . Must we all perish here? What do I dare give up next?”  
What choice would you make?  What could you bear to leave behind when all you had left was your family and the clothes on your back?

“The life of a girl was a war that could never be won [in India], and I was just another casualty. I was told at the age of 17 that I would marry and be shipped off to America. I was overcome with great despair. I knew nothing about my suitor . . .”  With no voice and no place to call her own, one narrator shares her journey to fight for herself and the dream she has inside.   

“On the walk home, the ever-familiar cold Scottish air wrapped around every square millimeter of exposed skin, reminding me to put my head down and shuffle quickly. One day, as though falling from one of the bleak clouds, an idea suddenly hit me. Somehow, someway, I was going across the pond.  At the thought, the warmth of sunny skies and green grass enveloped me.” In this modern immigration story, a young man knows the stakes are high, and he bets it all.  Does it pay off?  Is the risk worth the reward?

In "The Stories We Carried: Vol 1," three different narrators tell their real-life accounts of leaving their homeland.  Whether forcibly, hopefully, or treacherously, each narrator goes on a journey, not only to a new home but new self-discovery, as well.  This intimate look at muster and resolve will make you proud to call yourself human.

Curated by Rachel Meier, "The Stories We Carried: Vol 1" is part of the "Shared Stories Collection" from Anthro Publishing. The "Shared Stories Collection", takes stories "donated" from people just like you.  We offer an anonymous platform to release whatever is in your heart to share. 

Or Mission: To unite humanity through the stories we share. What makes us who we are?  Our nationality?  Our heritage?  The secrets we keep?  The sorrows we've felt?  The answer is yes.  At Anthro Publishing we want to celebrate all of the stories that make us human, and in being human, connect us all.

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Where there are real people, there is REAL drama. Secret histories, sibling rivalry, and a really quirky character make for three very different, yet all enchanting memoirs all based on real accounts.  Cuddle up, warm your heart, and remember why you love love.